An Hour with Missy

With the Chicago weather still refusing to allow the warmer weather arrive, Missy and I got together and shot a couple fun looks. I’ve also recently started using the Fuji system and wanted to get a better feel for what it could do in the studio. Needless to say, it took some time getting used to the ergonomics but no longer feels awkward in the hand. In fact, I absolutely love the feeling it gives and having access to the main controls via knobs is amazing.

Check out the shots below and let me know what you think! Shot with Fuji x-t1 and 16-55 & 56mm lenses.

Missy was lit with a large parabolic umbrella camera right and a beauty dish next to camera for a tiny bit of fill

Blakely from BMG Modeling Agency

Blakely is one of my favorite models from Chicago. We’ve worked a number of times for Discovery Clothing and had talked about doing something different in my home studio. We wanted something moody with some contrast and sass. I’ve also been slowly been testing out the Fuji X system, which is beginning to take the place of all my Nikon gear. It’s an exceptional system and can’t say enough about it. My main concern was it wouldn’t have the “full-frame” feel, but considering I never shoot below f4, I have not seen a difference! I’ll be updating some of my experiences as I update more.

For those interested, here is my lighting diagram. I used an Elinchrom Ranger head with a parabolic umbrella on a boom directly behind camera as well as another head matched with a beauty dish and grid placed in the center of the umbrella.



Nakid Mag Exclusive

Late last year, my good friend and model, Catherine flew in to Chicago from LA. We picked a day to shoot an editorial that was picked up by Nakid Magazine in January! It was day for us to end 2016 with some fun and no real plans other than being ourselves. We both enjoy being goofy and doing things that just don’t make any darn sense. The link the editorial can be found here:

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