From having a first look at the Chicago Bulls new practice facility to hanging out on top of the Prudential Building, I’ve got to say it’s been a fast and fun summer!

I was recently hired to photograph the new Chicago Bulls practice facility as well as the top of the prudential building for Christy Webber Landscapes. If you aren’t familiar, have a look at Millennium Park. They were the ones to design and provide the upkeep of the gorgeous park. They are now working on a rooftop garden of both the Prudential building & the new practice facility. Not only was I able to get some awesome shots for their advertising and marketing, but also a first look at areas most people wish they could get!

BTW: The practice court and workout area looks amazing

About mid-summer, the good people at GrubHub had contacted me about getting some real-looking (no processing) photos for an upcoming project. Photos that looked like you were walking into the door of a restaurant with glare on the glass and all. They were to be shot almost all natural light or at least to mimic it as much as possible. They also needed close-ups or orders being taken…all of which I was glad to help with. Of course there was awesome food waiting for us as well.

What’s interesting is in school, you learn lighting patterns and how to beautifully light products among many other things, but sometimes what the client ultimately wants is very simple, yet very real image…nothing crazy, just simple and to the point without overlighting. These photos were either lit naturally or 1-2 strobes while dragging in some of the natural light. They even welcomed some of the glare on the glass!

Aside from all the shooting, I assist quite frequently. I’ve been very lucky to be working with some of Chicago’s best.

Tori Soper had me along to photograph a convention at McCormick Place a couple weeks ago. From bouncing around an entire convention hall to keeping up with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, we finally found a few minutes to catch some rays (pictured above). I even found time to visit Amsterdam!

And hang out with these guys from Swaziland!

It was great 3 days and hope to do it again! Also, take a look here—> to see all what went down.

Once I get a chance to catch my breath again, I’ll be able to update ya’ll on the great things I have coming up here in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for the next update!


Crazy Summer

It’s fair to say that it has been a crazy summer. Things have been blowing up and I’ve got to say, it’s been a real pleasure to be working with so many different types of people as well as the variety of shoots that have come across my way…many of which may be unrelated to my portfolio, but the vibe I bring to these shoots is just as important as the photos created.

Over the past few months I’ve been able to work with some well-known clients such as Jewel, Kraft Foods, and Christy Webber Landscapes. I even spent a week in Boyne City, Michigan vacationing as well as shooting a wedding on a gorgeous farm that has been with the family for over 100 years! Following all that, I was contacted by a company out of New York to shoot an art event here in Chicago.

WAT-AAH! Taking Back the Streets in Chicago, connects today’s leading street artists with the brand’s mission to fight childhood obesity and promote healthy hydration among kids and teens. The artists’ work was amazing as well as the great interaction between them and the kids that were able to join in on some art.

I’m pretty sure everyone loves Michigan…at least I’ve never met someone who doesn’t, and while spending a week in the UP star gazing and being surrounded by family and great company, I got to shoot a gorgeous outdoor wedding on a farm that has been in the family for over 100 years! It was a great celebration along with a fantastic group surrounded by amazing scenery!

If you don’t know Christy Webber Landscapes, then you might recognize them as the company that did the landscaping at Millennium Park as well as at the Field Museum and others. I’ve been super happy to be working with them this summer and some of my photos have recently been used to promote their amazing company!

Thanks for checking this out. Now grab a Hoegaarden and sit back and drink one with me!

What’s New!

We are already over 3 months into 2014 and so far, it’s been a great year. I’ve worked with some great photographers, been shooting some cool stuff, and started working on a new series.

This month marks the 1-year anniversary of working with Tori Soper, who has been somewhat of an idol in the way she works. Her business ethic is incredible, her work is “amazeballs” (coined by Phillip Toledano), and has become a great friend. We’ve been felt up by security, carried crap up flights of stairs, and has even taken my great advice on moving away from power packs to monolights!

I have also been shooting exclusively for Discovery Clothing for nearly a year now. They are growing even faster as a company and have opened doors in multiple states. The work being produced with them is incredible and I enjoy every second of it. The opportunity to work with a big company, quality models, and a great marketing/directing team is a beautiful thing!

I met Suzi Bittles when she and Jim Krantz brought me on over a year ago to assist on some huge productions for Marlboro and AllState. She has since began producing her own project called, “The Modern Salon Series,”which pays tribute to the original Salon Series dating back to the 1800’s. This was a time where intellectuals, artists, and luminaries come together to talk about world issues, culture, and art. She has given me a chance to work with some great artists such as David Burnett, who has photographed more than 5 olympic games.

I’ve also finally begun to work on a new series that I’m calling, “Framed.” It’s a high-contrast, black & white body of work that involves framing people walking, cycling, running, etc., within boundaries set by the urban environment. Bridges, buildings, cars, racks, and tunnels surround us, which also make for some unique angles and perspectives for people to be framed within.

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